Our Pharma Quality Standards

MediPharm Labs is committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality that meet applicable regulatory requirements.

Therapeutic Goods Administration GMP Certified

Our Canadian facility received TGA GMP certificate in December 2019 and our Australian facility received TGA-GMP certificate in May 2020.

160 Years of Experience

ISO Standard Clean Rooms

Designed and built to ISO 14644 standard for clean rooms and critical environments

Segregated Operations

Tasks are carried out in dedicated spaces to minimize risk of contamination

Designed to Expand

Additional production lines can be supported by existing infrastructure

160 Years of Experience

MediPharm Labs’ Quality & Regulatory Compliance Team has more than 160 years of cumulative experience working in regulated industries: Pharmaceutical + Food + Cosmetics + Nutraceuticals + Cannabis + Medical Devices

Licences and Certifications


  • Health Canada for Cannabis Processing and Sale to other licence holders, authorized provincial/territorial retailers and distributors as well as federal medical sale licence holders.
  • Research and Development Licence is issued by Health Canada for human sensory testing.
  • GMP certified by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration for manufacturing cannabis-based medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Organic Certificate for Cannabis oil and Cannabis extract granted by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. Pro-Cert is accredited by IOAS to provide third party certification to the Canadian Organic Standards.


  • ODC Manufacture Licence and ODC Narcotic & Psychotropic Import Licence
  • GMP certified by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration for manufacturing cannabis-based medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • State Poisons Licences and Permit–
    • Sell or Supply by Wholesale by Indent (Schedule 4, Schedule 8 and Schedule 9 Poisons (limited))
    • Manufacture and Sell or Supply by Wholesale (Schedule 4, Schedule 8 and Schedule 9 Poisons (limited))
    • Permit to Purchase or Otherwise Obtain Poisons or Controlled Substances for Industrial, Educational or Research Purposes (Schedule 2, Schedule 3, Schedule 4, Schedule 7 (limited), Schedule 8 (limited), Schedule 9 (limited)

Product Quality

Product Quality

All of MediPharm Labs product offerings begin with high quality dried cannabis, sourced with the same standards:

  • STABLE SUPPLY CHAIN: Deep experience and history of sourcing qualified dried cannabis biomass from legal producers across Canada.
  • VETTED QUALITY:  We carefully select our suppliers from many Licensed Cultivators in Canada based on supplier questionnaires and Certificates of Analysis quality standards where we can determine content of sought-after cannabinoids, adherence to pesticide testing, material being free from heavy-metals and aflatoxins and ensuring lack of microbials in the supplied products. All cannabis is evaluated against EU pharmacopeia standards and Health Canada’s limits on pesticides.
  • CONSISTENCY OF CULTIVARS: We also choose suppliers based on their quality standards, reputation, reliability, and their ability to deliver significant volumes of product. Consistent supply is critical to developing cannabis medicines with precision dosing which will ensure predictable and consistent experiences for the patient. 
  • EXTERNAL TESTING: After processing, representative samples from every batch of cannabis oil and finished goods produced by MediPharm Labs are tested.