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MediPharm Labs makes donation to Barrie’s business innovation hub, the Sandbox Centre

May 14, 2019 Category: Entrepreneurship, Innovation

As a global company, MediPharm Labs benefits from being in Simcoe County’s largest city, Barrie. We find it important to return that advantage by being involved in the community through several charitable, social and business projects.  So, when Craig Busch came knocking to rally support for his brainchild, the Sandbox Centre, MediPharm Labs was happy to donate a total of $30,000, over three years, to support the MediPharm Innovation Space, one of several meeting areas within the new business development hub atop the city’s bus terminal.

The Sandbox Centre is a space for shared entrepreneurship and innovation, designed to connect start-ups and established businesses with thought leadership, mentors, funding, and a robust calendar of workshops and seminars. The Sandbox staff have a network of government, NFP and commercial organizations, and help to connect entrepreneurs and executives with the resources that help them overcome their business challenges. Individuals and organizations are welcome to utilize the space for meetings, events or as a start-up phase work space.

Keith Strachan, MediPharm Labs Co-founder & President, and Barrie resident adds, “the Sandbox is a unique opportunity. Unlike a typical start-up incubator, the Sandbox is positioned to accelerate any company’s growth by building on the foundation of great local companies. As MediPharm Labs continues rapid growth - adding over 100 employees in under 10 months - we can’t think of a better initiative to be a part of. The Sandbox and the contributions of its member organizations will certainly help to drive what I already know - Barrie is the best place in Canada to do business.”

In addition to the financial donation to help fund The Sandbox, MediPharm Labs is lending its management expertise through coming workshops and panel discussions.

Danielle Lazarevska, Managing Director for the Sandbox adds, "The Sandbox Centre is proud to partner with MediPharm Labs, a leader in helping to establish the first private sector-led innovation hub in Ontario. We unite programs and services from partners across Central Ontario to support established businesses, aspiring innovators, and independent entrepreneurs. Over 700 participants have engaged in Sandbox Centre programming so far. In May, the Sandbox is launching its anticipated peer groups and is excited to have Sybil Taylor, the Chief Marketing Officer, present about the role of HR in branding."

PEER GROUP SESSION:  The Role of HR in Branding - Thursday May 23rd, 3:30-5:30pm, The Sandbox Centre

Although a company’s Marketing team is typically responsible for developing brand strategy and for ongoing brand guardianship, the Human Resources department has a big role to play in branding as well. The ‘brand experience’ is delivered to the customer by each and every employee of the company, so recruitment and onboarding, ongoing training and communication as well as supporting a brand-values-culture can have a big impact on brand health and customer loyalty. In turn, strong brands bring benefits to the HR function. Sybil Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer of MediPharm Labs and, previously, Steam Whistle Brewing, will illustrate how, over her career, she has engaged her HR compatriot to build a brand-centric organization. Join in a lively discussion following the presentation.

Check out The Sandbox Centre to help grow your business:

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