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February 19, 2020 Category: cannabis oil vapes

What Komal Mistry is working on right now

Specifically, I’m working with the MediPharm Labs team providing high-quality cannabis extracts, filling services and national distribution of a line of custom-formulated vape cartridges, along with other future contemplated brands and products.

How Komal Mistry’s education and early work background combined science and management in an optimal blend for her eventual job at MediPharm Labs

Educationally, I did a degree in Chemical and Bioengineering at McMaster University in Hamilton. From there, I joined a specialized engineering consulting firm which focused on consulting for the pharmaceutical industry. I worked on a variety of projects in primary and secondary manufacturing:& designing and qualifying new equipment lines and rooms, packaging lines, product safety, engineering controls to protect operators from high-potency products, and pharmaceutical serialization packaging solutions.

The pharmaceutical-engineering world, here in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, is an established industry, so when the opportunity came up to join the new industry and be at the front end of a growing business, a number of people in the pharmaceutical-engineering world dove into the cannabis world. MediPharm Labs was an even more attractive destination because of its high operating standards. For instance, the company recently received its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, the global quality accreditation. In Canada, cannabis producers are only required to operate under GPP (Good Production Practices) standards, which is a specialized set of quality standards mandated by Health Canada for cannabis facilities. GMP is a globally recognized and more stringent standard to which the pharmaceutical industry must operate, meaning that anyone from the pharmaceutical and engineering worlds would take comfort in knowing that MediPharm Labs’ general processes were in line with the higher, professional regulatory standards they were used to. It was a natural move for me.

Vaping: A novel part of a pioneering industry

In Canada, the extracts product class (cannabis vaporizer products fall within this product class) was officially legalized, along with other product classes such as edible cannabis and cannabis topicals, on October 17, 2019. However, there was a stipulation that individual companies provide Health Canada with a 60-day notification of new products they were intending to sell, so sales effectively began in late December of 2019. Also, each province has its own unique set of regulations for vaping, so there are differences across the country. While some provinces are holding off on vape sales completely, other provinces are active in the vape market right now.

MediPharm Labs’ Rigorous Quality Process

Last Fall, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) released the findings of a study[1] of patients affected by vape lung disease, suggesting a thickening agent, Vitamin E Acetate, was found in all cases. As per Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations, it is prohibited to manufacture any cannabis product using ingredients that may cause injury to human health. However, in the USA, cannabis is federally illegal and there are no federal standards for manufacturing, quality testing or ingredient labelling. MediPharm Labs believes these CDC results underscore the critical importance of a federally regulated cannabis market to ensure patient and consumer confidence in the production of vapes. And the company believes that this should drive consumers into the legal market.

At MediPharm Labs, we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality that meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements. All of our product offerings begin with high quality dried cannabis. We purchase from Canadian cannabis cultivators after they undergo our internal vendor qualification program. All received cannabis is graded against FDA standards and our internal product specifications and any missing tests are conducted before being released into production.

We choose suppliers based on their certification, reputation, reliability, and on their ability to deliver quality products. Reliable source and consistent supply are critical to developing cannabis medicines with precision-dosing to ensure predictable and consistent experiences for patients.

Once suppliers are chosen, the sourced cannabis product is processed through our extraction and distillation process to arrive at distillate, our main ingredient that typically has a range of 83-90% purity and has a golden colour. MediPharm Labs’ vapes are filled in a Vape Filling Room, built and qualified to GMP standards, which means any material that touches or comes indirectly into contact with the final product must be comprised of a certain finish or material. The only ingredients in MediPharm Labs’ vapes are cannabis distillate and terpenes. We do not now, nor will we ever, add any carrier oils or cutting agents. We add in terpenes to create consistent and superior flavour profiles because the extraction process does strip away the naturally occurring terpenes. While it would be nice to add cannabis-derived terpenes, our evaluations of such suppliers failed to find ones that could deliver on GMP options with their associated purity and quality. We source terpenes from an ISO- and Food Safety System-certified supplier serving the food and fragrance industries.

A project with a special challenge and a special reward

The challenge and the excitement of introducing vape production at MediPharm Labs is a brand new and unique experience. We’re all focused on patient and consumer safety and product quality, and our team ensures all relevant input and output products are tested and evaluated against our internal quality specifications. We pay attention to the details, ask questions and leave no stone unturned. In the MediPharm Labs environment, our focus is on quality and safety first.

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