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Ace Valley on the Launch of their Cannabis Vape Product Line – MediPharm Labs

May 26, 2020

Tell us about the history of getting into the cannabis industry.

A while ago, we noticed a lot of vapes in the crowd at a party. This was the lightbulb moment that spawned Ace Valley. 

No one cares about our customers more than we do, we thought. No one is going to work as obsessively on products that can be unique and engaging.

What does Ace Valley stand for?

The Ace Valley company focuses on the lighter moments – experiences with friends, music, food and culture – where consumers would appreciate a portable and convenient all-in-one product with elegant hardware. 

We’re excited for your vape products to be available. Tell us about the 3 new offerings.

Each Ace Valley Vape is an all-in-one unit with 0.3 ml of formulated cannabis extract. We offer CBD, Sativa and Indica options so customers can curate their experience:

  • The CBD Vape is a balanced, CBD-forward option with a 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Its terpene profile is based on the AC/DC strain. It has earthy, piney, and lemongrass flavours and aromas, and comes in a white box. 

  • Our Sativa Vape is a THC-forward option with a terpene profile based on the Gelato strain, which is known for its uplifting effects. It has sweet, pungent, and berry-like flavours and aromas and comes in a cream box. 

  • Our Indica Vape is a THC-forward option with a terpene profile based on the GG #4 strain, which is known for its mellowing effects. It features earthy, piney, and herbal flavours and aromas and comes in a blue box.

Where will these be available for purchase?

The Ace Valley Vapes will be available next week with 1–3 day home delivery from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Retail availability launches soon with curb-side pickup or next-day delivery from Ontario retailers such as Fire & Flower, Tokyo Smoke, Superette, Spiritleaf, One Plant, Tweed, Nova and Hobo. For convenient pick up and delivery options near you, check out Dutchie.

The Ace Valley Vapes will also be available at select retailers in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Stay up-to-date for ‘on-sale dates’ through Ace Valley Instagram

Your vape pen is distinctly unique. What was the brainchild behind this?

The concept for our new vapes is the brainchild of our co-founder, Noah Gill, who wanted customers to have a unique way to experience the device. 

Unlike other vape pens on the market, the Ace Valley Vape lights up at different levels as you hit, through our logo (see video). This provides the customer with simple control and a unique interaction.

Who is the AV customer?

It starts with us. We always like to make products that we personally love, as it allows us to bring the most passion into it. Our overall philosophy is combining quality and approachability.

What does your partnership with MediPharm Labs offer to customers?

In addition to the design, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the Ace Valley Vape delivers the highest quality distillate. Our distillate is produced by MediPharm Labs in their GMP-certified facility with top levels of purity and clean taste. This is achieved with 85% cannabinoids (95% distillate + 5% terpenes) and purity (no carrier oils, additives or other thinning agents).

Pictured here from left to right (Jesse Dallal & Mike Wagman, founders of Ace Valley; Pat McCutcheon & Keith Strachan, founders of MediPharm Labs.)

What is the plan to celebrate with your customers (AV radio, events etc.)?

We had some great events planned that we unfortunately can’t put on in the Covid-19 environment. However, we’re doing a digital launch event! To see the Ace Valley Vape in action and ask any questions, stay tuned to our Instagram for details. 

About Ace Valley
Ace Valley is a leading recreational cannabis brand.  Since launching in October 2018, Ace Valley has built a curated, ready-to-use portfolio of pre-rolls, vapes and real-fruit gummies* (*launching soon) with wholesale and retail distribution across most of Canada.  Ace Valley drives leading sales and brand awareness by leveraging its product strategy expertise, consumer insights and loyal community of fans.

Visit Ace Valley to learn more at

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