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Using High Quality Sustainable Plant-Derived MCT Oil in Cannabis Products

June 24, 2020


High-quality MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil), often used as a drug carrier, solvent or for oral or dermal use, is a commonly used additive in the pharmaceutical world because it improves absorption into the body in a safe and stable fashion. This carrier oil allows patients and consumers to effectively benefit from the active ingredients contained in medical products, when consumed according to doctor and pharmacist dosing recommendations.

MediPharm Labs strictly adheres to Health Canada’s guidelines for allowable doses of active cannabinoids and is committed to ensuring desirable, predictable and consistent experiences for end-users. To safely dilute and carry cannabis concentrates, the MediPharm Labs production team utilizes a high quality MCT oil as its carrier oil of choice for bottled cannabis oils.

Why did we choose MCT oil for our bottled cannabis oils over other carrier oil types?

Licensed processors can choose from a myriad of carrier oil types as diluent oil. Grape seed oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil are all viable options that have their own sets of unique benefits, but they don’t come without their downfalls – polyunsaturated fat content, potential drug interactions and restricted shelf lives, to name a few. MediPharm Labs settled on a high-quality MCT oil because of the following characteristics:

  • A mild or neutral flavor and aroma;
  • Plant-derived and vegetarian;
  • A lengthy and stable shelf life; and
  • Favorable solubility properties as a carrier of oil-soluble cannabinoids.

MediPharm Labs family of high-quality formulated bottled oil.MediPharm Labs family of high-quality formulated cannabis oil.

 How did we choose our MCT oil supplier?

MediPharm Labs is committed to working with the cannabis industry’s best suppliers and partners, whose mission and values strongly reflect our own. By working with organizations of integrity, innovation and ethics, we can maintain and uphold our promise to manufacture high quality bottled cannabis oils for patients and consumers. MediPharm Labs does not use any MCT oil or diluent in our vape pens. Our MCT oil supplier has a reputation for quality, repeatedly being granted EU-GMP certifications as well as US-FDA approval. Plant-derived from coconut and sustainable palm oil plantations backed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), MediPharm Labs’ MCT oil is vegetarian, plant-derived and responsibly and ethically procured with minimal impacts to the environment and to local workers.  

“When MediPharm Labs was looking for a supplier of MCT oil, we wanted a company that was already supplying the pharmaceutical market in order to align with the quality levels we require to serve both the domestic and international markets,” says Dr. Chris Talpas, Vice President of Quality and Scientific Affairs at MediPharm Labs. “Our supplier’s MCT oil fits that requirement being EU and FDA GMP certified and listed in the Ph. Eur, USP-NF and JPE as well as having an FDA registered type II Drug Master File.  A further differentiator was their commitment to the ethical and sustainable harvest of palm kernel oils.”

What makes our supplier’s carrier oils sustainable?

Because of its many applications in everything from food products to shampoo, and its relative affordability when compared with other oils, palm oil has become a popular carrier oil among manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and consumer packaged goods producers. Historically, however, palm oil has been considered a controversial ingredient for its lack of sustainability, contributing to deforestation and reduced biodiversity in some of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems.

In an effort to combat these problems and prevent future environmental hardships, responsible organizations from around the globe made commitments to use sustainable farming methodologies through credible global standards and multi-stakeholder governance under the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, by which our supplier is guided in its principles and procedures. In addition to adhering to these sustainable and globally-recognized standards and legislative measures, our supplier has implemented a Sustainable Palm Oil Policy across its organization that includes a host of strategies to protect the environment. This policy outlines efforts to conserve High Conservation Value Areas (HCVA) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests and peatlands, solar energy initiatives and waste management protocols, and a variety of other sustainable guidelines and operational methodologies.  

MediPharm Labs is disciplined in our approach, offering patients and consumers high quality cannabis products made from ingredients of superior quality and GMP pharmaceutical standards. Through our relationships with reputable suppliers and developers of globally-recognized products, we continue to deliver on our promises, creating cannabinoid-based products that are purified, trusted and precisely dosable.

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