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How Cannabis Milling Improves Extraction Yields and Quality of Cannabis Products at MediPharm Labs

July 27, 2020

Though it may seem like a straightforward concept, the practice of comminution or cannabis milling can have a considerable effect on extraction yields and overall oil constitution. By creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the way in which intake materials are milled, extractors can ultimately ensure high product quality and avoid process inefficiencies that have the potential to bottleneck operations and deplete output. At MediPharm Labs, the Quality Assurance and Production teams work together to execute critical steps in the cannabis milling process required for ensuring efficient operations, consistency in output and product quality, above all else. 

How Cannabis Milling Improves Extraction Yields and Quality of Cannabis Products at MediPharm Labs

What is MediPharm Labs’ process for product intake?

Before cannabis milling can occur, the MediPharm Labs Quality Team ensures that incoming material meets our high standards for quality. All cannabis material is graded to their rigorous internal product specification. MediPharm Labs works exclusively with cannabis cultivators who have undergone our internal vendor qualification process. The incoming cannabis arrives in the facility in sealed bags to prevent any loss/gain in product moisture.

What does the MediPharm Labs cannabis milling process involve?

After all specifications and standards have been met and the cannabis is released by the Quality Team, the cannabis raw material is brought into the milling room. Line clearance is performed to ensure that the correct lot is staged for milling. The dried cannabis is visually inspected for foreign particles. After these initial checks, the raw materials are now ready for comminution. This process begins with the feeding of dried cannabis material through milling equipment in a HEPA-filtered room. By milling the plant material down to a fine and consistent particle size, packing density in the extraction column will be increased in downstream processes, resulting in greater extraction efficiencies. Raw product at MediPharm Labs is milled to a standard size allowing for high packing density, increased extraction speed, and optimized product yield. After the material has been fed through the machine, milled material is carefully weighed and packaged into totes to be brought to the next phase of the product flow process – Decarboxylation.

How Cannabis Milling Improves Extraction Yields and Quality of Cannabis Products at MediPharm Labs

How does cannabis milling improve the overall extraction process?

The cannabis milling process at MediPharm Labs improves operational efficiencies and ultimately results in products of higher quality. Milling at MediPharm Labs:

  • Improves packing density, allowing for a higher throughput through the extractors;

Increases the overall surface area of material, thereby increasing the area for extraction to occur, thus resulting in higher product yield;

  • Improves decarboxylation mass flow;
  • Improves extraction mass flow; and
  • Improves solvent flow in the extraction columns as a result of more uniform particle size.

Milling of cannabis flower improves the extraction yields of both terpenes and cannabinoids.

MediPharm Labs realized, from the beginning, that precise milling is vital for efficient processing and higher product yield during extraction. Having a good handle on their milling procedures ensures a smooth operation throughout their production.

Learn about the next step in the process, Decarboxylation.

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