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What Goes in a Cannabis Vape?

August 7, 2020

We look at the composition of MediPharm Labs cannabis vapes from hardware to formulation.

There is no surprise; what distinguishes MediPharm from its competitors is the strict rigour we insist on, in vetting all processes and inputs used in the MediPharm Labs manufacturing platform. One result of that rigour in the cannabis vaping context is that our vapes are known for their clean experience: MediPharm Labs DOES NOT USE MCT carrier oil or diluents such as Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene glycol or Phytol in our distillate. These first two substances were associated with the adverse physical effects reported among vaping consumers in 2019, and the third substance is surrounded by potential toxicological concern currently.

For vaping delivery devices to be approved by MediPharm Labs, they have to pass several levels of vigilance. The MediPharm Lab Quality Team oversees the entire qualification process on vape hardware and cannabis ingredients.

How we source our cannabis

At MediPharm Labs, we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality that meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements. All of our product offerings begin with high quality dried cannabis. We purchase from Canadian cannabis cultivators after they undergo our internal vendor qualification program. All received cannabis is graded against European Pharmacopia herbal products standards, and our internal product specifications and additional tests are conducted before being released into production.

We choose suppliers based on their certification, reputation, reliability, and on their ability to deliver quality products and specific cannabinoids. Reliable source and consistent supply are critical to developing cannabis products with precision-dosing to ensure predictable and consistent experiences for patients and consumers.

Once suppliers are chosen, the sourced cannabis product is processed through our supercritical CO2 extraction and short-path distillation processes to arrive at distillate, our main ingredient that typically has a range of 83-90% purity and has a clear, golden colour. MediPharm Labs’ cannabis vapes are filled in a specialized Vape Filling Room, produced under an effective Preventive Control Plan that is developed and implemented for vape products to prevent any addition of biological, physical or chemical hazards during the manufacturing of vape products. MediPharm Labs’ daily operations adhere to Good Production Practices that meet Health Canada’s standards for the cannabis extract product class.

Our cannabis vape ingredients

The ONLY two ingredients in MediPharm Labs’ cannabis vapes are cannabis distillate and terpenes.

We do not now, nor will we ever, add any carrier oil such as MCT oil or concerning thinning agents, such as Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene Glycol, or Phytol.

We add in botanically derived terpenes to create consistent and superior flavour profiles because the extraction process does strip away the naturally occurring terpenes. While it would be nice to add cannabis-derived terpenes, our evaluation of such suppliers failed to find ones that could deliver on GMP options with their associated purity and quality. We source terpenes from an ISO- and Food Safety System-certified supplier serving the food and fragrance industries. After processing, representative samples from every batch of cannabis extract and finished goods produced by MediPharm Labs are tested.

This great attention to quality, in product and in process, results in cannabis vape products that can be trusted by consumers and patients

“Ultimately,” says Nigel Dewsbury, Head of Quality, “all of this rigour in enforcing quality standards is for the benefit of the consumer.  MediPharm Labs will always prioritize quality and safety over other commercial factors, in line with our organization’s ethos and product promise.”

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