White Label Production: Supply of purified cannabis concentrate raw materials, product formulations, processing and packaging for ready-to-sell advanced cannabis products.

Through our White Label Production channel, MediPharm Labs supplies purified and precisely dosable cannabis concentrates in a number of forms to be utilized in a wide variety of cannabinoid-based derivatives. In addition to simply supplying raw materials, we can also provide product formulations, processing and packaging for the creation of ready-to-sell cannabis oil extract products. For those companies possessing a license to sell cannabis oil extracts – or CPG manufacturers looking for a licensed contract manufacturer - our turn-key, white label solutions can provide precisely-dosed finished cannabis oil extract products or cannabis-infused products for your existing product line.

Interested in MediPharm’s White Label Production? Let us help you formulate!  For more information, speak to our Business Development team.

Diagram of the MediPharm Labs cannabis extraction process for producing cannabinoid oil  and active pharmaceutical ingredients.